Livetweeting The Golden Globes

Hey, you! 

Do you like the Academy Awards, but wish that they were earlier in the year and less relevant?

Do you ever see something happen on TV and think, "I'd love to make a sort of funny remark about that but I just don't have the energy - I wish somebody would do it for me!"

Do you have three hours to kill this evening, starting at 5:00 PST?

Then come on down to @HairGuyLIVE, where I'll be livetweeting this year's Golden Globes with the help of my gossip columnist BFF @SabbaTheGossip! We'll be dishing about the dresses, the celebrities, our love for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the fact that we're still too scared to see Twelve Years A Slave, our picks for the top prizes, and crude remarks about Christina Hendricks' cleavage.

It's going to be the greatest thing I've livetweeted all year. Come and watch!

Truman Capps has never watched the Golden Globes before in his life.